Cars Coming Soon

Listed below are cars that we have secured and are either in the process of being transported, restored, recomissioned or registered - these will soon move to "Cars for Sale" page

Fiat 500N "Transformable" 1957

An incredibly rare car which was manufactured in 1957 and registered in 1958 confirmation of which we have had from Fiat. This is one of the first Fiat 500 models produced from 1957 to 1960. It features a fabric roof folding all the way back to the rear of the vehicle and retains it's original engine. The Nuova is one of three models featuring "suicide doors". It is believed that there is only 25 of these cars now left. This car is in very good condition but we are currently untertaking a full restoration returning it to it's original colour of pale green with a new interior and rebuilt engine and gearbox. It is anticpated that this wonderful car will be available in October later this year.

Fiat Campagnola 1968 - This is the Italian equivalent of the American Willys Jeep, and was issued to the Italian Army. The jeep is completely original with excellent bodywork in a cream colour, a superb interior and roof, and a free reving 1900cc engine. This jeep has been in storage for 15 years. The jeep runs very well and is being subject to a full recommission.

Innocenti Mini Cooper 1000 Mark 2 1969 - A very original and rare car which is now in the UK and will be subject to a full restoration. Finished in white with a black roof with all the original features including seats, steering wheel and wheels, with that fantastic Cooper 5 dial dashboard.

Volkswagen Golf GTI G60 1990 - This is the rare Supercharged version of the Mark 2 Golf GTI, they were never imported to the UK and were only available on the continent and the US. This car has covered 150k miles and has been in storage for 10 years. It runs very well and has excellent performance, it will be subject to a full recommission. 

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